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In 2019 Instagram announced that they have added a new feature called IGTV. This tool supports long form
full screen videos and it is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for both the business sector
and influencers. It is not a surprise that IGTV is a great tool for increasing engagement rate, because
videos are considered as the best form for consuming content and information. By using IGTV businesses
have enough room to present their goods and services on videos moreover Instagram already supports
vertical and full screen videos. IGTV videos come to rescue when your videos are descriptive and are
usually above 1 min in length. This feature has seen a spike of over 300% since 2019 Quarter 2 and its
usage has been significantly increasing since then. This trend will keep rising high as we see an increase
in the user base of Instagram in general due to extensive digitization of the business operations in 2020.

Greedier Social Media has perfect products for you to make this transition easy for you. Our products will
help you build the brand authority that you deserve on IGTV.

If you want to increase your popularity or make your business more profitable on Instagram, you should
definitely try to increase your IGTV views and Greedier Social Media is here to help. Visual sense is a
primary sense and is considered to be one of the most impactful methods of appealing your customers. A
strong content strategy is necessary for businesses to roll out their products and information regarding
those products in the market. But in parallel to a strong content strategy what is important is reflecting
the impact on the viewers in form of numbers. As per a research in the field of consumer psychology, the
audience is more inclined towards viewing the piece of visual content if it has already been viewed by a
lot of other people. This tendency of the audience needs to be nurtured while running a campaign on IGTV.
If your target audience sees more views on your IGTV video, they will watch the video as well. This will
improve your viewership rate, engagement rate and ultimately will reinforce the marketing campaign for
your business.

There are other reasons to have strong viewership on IGTV as well. IGTV is not designed to have high
efficiency in terms of search results. Hence if you want to make the Instagram algorithms help you reach
the highest number of people possible, you will need to have a strong engagement rate in the first few
hours after the post is made. If you do not get a strong viewership in the first few hours on your
Instagram IGTV video, you might face a depreciation in the impression rate. To avoid this negative virtue,
it is necessary for businesses to have a strong engagement rate in the initial hours after the post has
been made.

By buying IGTV views, your video has the potential of becoming absolutely viral, bringing much traffic to
your account. It will also help you to build and attract a loyal and engaged followers base. With a loyal
followers base, the problem of a strong engagement rate will be addressed and ultimately your business
will start skyrocketing. This increase in the strength of your business will leave a strong impact on your
target audience and will ultimately motivate them to follow you. This increasing organic follow rate will
then give you a strong influence on Instagram, especially via IGTV.

The number of the views on the video speaks about your popularity. Buy IGTV Views are extremely important
as the higher is the number of the views, the higher are the chances of your video getting discovered by
new people. By uploading high quality and well-planned video content on IGTV you will have the base and
our Social Media Experts here at Greedier will take care of the rest in order to increase your popularity
on Instagram.

Greedier Social Media has a team of dedicated Social Media Specialists with years of deep competence in
terms of knowledge,skills and experience. We have worked with over 1 million customers to include many
celebrities, worldwide popular brands, musicians and models in order to help the growth of their Instagram
accounts. Moreover, unlike other suppliers we offer 24/7 customer support always ready to help you with
your Social Media needs.

One of the reasons why we stay ahead of our competitors is the quality of our services. We offer
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the personal details of the clients are kept safe and secured. Our customers can buy IGTV views from one
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We provide services that are 100% safe, legal, and real to our customers without any hidden costs. We
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make it appear in the Explore Tab on Instagram so it can be reached by thousands of people. Our customers
can buy Instagram IGTV views according to the number of views they desire to receive on their video.

As mentioned, we believe that buying automatic IGTV views in the UK is one of essential importance to
build a loyal and established audience that will be interested in your uploads.Moreover, we can customise
the plan as per the requirements of the customers. They can buy Instagram IGTV Views according to the
number they desire.

Greedier Social Media is the most preferred agency in the UK offering an opportunity to buy IGTV views
which are such competitive and highly innovative services. We have selected and designed packages with a
variety of options you can choose from and these packages are highly beneficial for our customers. We
believe even a small package like buying automatic Instagram IGTV views can be helpful in building brand
image and loyalty

These services can improve any brand no matter what is the niche that the brand is dedicated to. If you
manage to improve your influence on Instagram, it becomes easy for businesses to convert visitors into

Our team at Greedier Social Media has developed a variety of different packages that can be purchased in
order to receive your desired number of IGTV views. However if you want to purchase a specific number of
views that are not available as an option on our website, you can get in touch with us and we will create
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give us a call on +44 20 39 36 05 81.

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You can purchase Instagram followers through our website in just a few clicks. First you should choose a
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The second step is to enter your username on the section above so we would be able to deliver the followers to
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STEP Three

The last step is to checkout the service you want to purchase, easily and securely via PayPal or PayOP and
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